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The impact of Artificial Intelligence on procurement

By Lucel Mulder on 30-Apr-2019 10:44:06

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On March 28th we had dinner with 20 purchasing managers in the majestic Maurick Castle in Vught. The authentic building dates from ± 1400 and was not supplied with electricity until 1914, something that is fundamental in our society of mobile devices and the Internet of Things after more than 100 years. Would the same apply to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 100 years?

Topics: Procurement AI
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This is how procurement will change in the next 5 years

By Lucel Mulder on 19-Sep-2018 11:22:54

New technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are expected to have a major impact on the procurement function in the near future. At the same time, we still have to deal with lingering problems in our purchasing department, such as a shortage of time and resources and the lack of standardisation in processes. What does this mean for the future of the procurement profession? What will the next 5 years look like?

This blog answers these questions and uses information from the Zycus Pulse of Procurement research 2018. More than 400 procurement professionals worldwide took part in this survey.

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Impression of Zycus Horizon Europe 2018

By Lucel Mulder on 14-Jun-2018 12:08:51

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The team of Qando had a great and inspiring time in Prague. The city's history is impressive and we visited a number of special locations, including the Klementinum and Villa Richter.

Being the Gold sponsor of the first Zycus-event in Europe, Qando had the privilege of contributing actively to the success of this 3 day-congress. In particular, we hosted our own break-out session which was very well received: Don’t Just buy and implement Procurement Software. Get it Adopted!

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Looking back at Zycus Horizon 2017 - part 2

By Lucel Mulder on 24-Oct-2017 12:02:35

Implementations and the future of procurement

The third day started with sharing experiences during and after the implementation of Zycus, told by Paul Stasko of Curtiss-Wright. They started with rolling out Zycus iAnalyze and realised significant cost savings for Non Product Related (NPR) spend in particular. Subsequently, they started with implementing other Zycus-modules.

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Looking back at Zycus Horizon 2017 - part 1

By Lucel Mulder on 18-Oct-2017 12:28:19

Last week three employees of Qando attended Horizon, the largest event of our software-partner Zycus. From all over the world (potential) clients, analysts, experts and partners gathered together at this 3-day procurement congress at the Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New Orleans. A great group of approximately 200 people. Theme of this year: Beyond savings, beyond value.

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