Impression of Zycus Horizon Europe 2018

June 14, 2018

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The team of Qando had a great and inspiring time in Prague. The city's history is impressive and we visited a number of special locations, including the Klementinum and Villa Richter.

Being the Gold sponsor of the first Zycus-event in Europe, Qando had the privilege of contributing actively to the success of this 3 day-congress. In particular, we hosted our own break-out session which was very well received: Don’t Just buy and implement Procurement Software. Get it Adopted!

During this session, we presented the importance ánd impact of adopting procurement software; we highlighted five important insights: 

  • Adoption is about people;
  • Starts with strategy and continues during the life cycle of procurement software;
  • Needs an owner, we suggest to appoint adoption coaches;
  • Needs senior leadership and corresponding KPI's; 
  • Needs direct supervisor engagement.

Also, we mentioned the results we achieved by applying these lessons learned at one of our clients.

  • 31% increase in user satisfaction
  • 27% decrease in user errors
  • 87% reduction in system errors
  • More engaged and motivated Source2Pay workforce
  • Higher job satisfaction and less employee turnover
  • Faster onboarding of new employees
  • Lower technology costs — fewer help desk inquiries, plus reduced support and training costs
  • Fewer compliance issues
  • Faster ROI for new procurement technology initiatives


We summarised all our experiences in the video below.




Lucel Mulder

Written by Lucel Mulder

Qando | Business Development Manager