Procurement software selection

The complexity of procurement software is quite high and the number of parameters when selecting one or more IT-solution(s) is extensive. There are no websites available to compare procurement software platforms and take into account this complexity and number of parameters.

Qando can help your organisation with the selection of procurement software, ensuring a good fit with your organisational requirements and challenges. 

Client Case


Selection Source to Pay-platform for one of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands

The objective of the client was to make a well-founded decision regarding procurement software in the shortest possible time. A decision had to be made between selecting and implementing a new end-to-end solution ór integrating parts from new procurement software into the existing architecture. Subsequently, the supplier selection had to take place.

Qando supported this process for three months by contributing its expertise in procurement technology, the available functionalities of procurement software, the supplier market and selection processes (RfX).


For several clients we conducted a market analysis for procurement software. Subsequently, we created a program of requirements, just like the RFP-document. From mapping your requirements to selecting and contracting the supplier; we are with you during each step of this selection process.

Achraf Talhaoui

Achraf Talhaoui

Managing Partner | Qando

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