Procurement software strategy

Big data, Machine Learning, Smart Manufacturing and Artificial Intelligence. We can all read about this in newspapers, blogs and magazines. Also, we can see it happen around us. 

To make sure your procurement function is future-proof and ready for digital transformation of procurement, it is essential to have an up-to-date procurement software strategy. Best-of-breed or an integrated software suite? Purchase-to-pay or a Source-to-pay platform? Implement a spend analysis-tool first or start with contract management?

Strategic advice

We provide you with answers to these questions and map the current procurement tooling landscape: what procurement tools are out there, which software is often used and what results do they deliver? Subsequently, we match these results with the procurement ambition, the procurement strategy and procurement processes as well as the information need of the "internal customer" (user) and the information requirements from the board. The output is an well-supported procurement software strategy document.

Business case

We are happy to translate this into a business case for purchasing new procurement technology. Since this is a major change to the company, this must be a solid business case to convince all corporate stakeholders. We take into account actual costs and benefits and also pay attention to ease of use, integration capabilities and expected adoption by users.

Client Case

Qando | Client Case

Preliminary Investigation into the possible replacement of a Purchase-to-Pay & Logistics system at a care group

Our client wanted to conduct a study into the future-proofing of existing purchasing and logistics systems in a very short time and to get a picture of the future landscape for purchasing and logistics systems, also in relation to ERP and related software.

Qando contributed to the ambitions of our client by advising on the bottlenecks in current processes and organization and how these bottlenecks could best be solved. Several scenarios were developed for this. 


Using new procurement software is primarily a change process to me. I want to have a clear view on the impact, both in euro's and the effect on my team.

Ruud Olthoff

Ruud Olthoff

Former CPO Rabobank

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