Qando develops Strategic Category Management approach: Category management 2.0

By Jos Doensen on 08-Apr-2019 10:29:37

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Strategic Category Management as a tool or methodology was introduced years ago in Retail and B2C-markets, as a mean to generate more efficiency for a product or in a product group. In Category Management in Retail- and B2C markets, the specialisms purchasing, sales, marketing, store formulas and logistics work together to create ‘winners’ on the store shelves. 

The term ‘Category manager’ instead of ‘Purchaser’ for a product or product group is also emerging in the B2B-markets, with the aim to indicate that a purchaser specializes in a product or product group to contribute to the full extend to company- and procurement goals. The difference with the B2C-markt, however, is that the B2B-category manager will interfere less / not with marketing and sales, because this person usually does not purchase finished products.

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