Optimise your procurement software

We assist and advise our clients in automating (a part of) their procurement proces. Organisations who already started using procurement software often ask us to analyse their current status quo and provide input for possible improvements.

We often see a variety of platforms from different suppliers for specific parts of the procurement process, combined with in-house-developed tools. This leads to a mix of interfaces and requires manual labor to transfer data from one system into another system. 

Also, we encounter software which has been technically implemented but insufficiently used or used in a wrong way. You can think of a barely used spend analysis tool or a contract management system in which less than 50% of all contracts are submitted.

Through a variety of analyses, we will map your improvement- and optimisation opportunities in a short time. Request more information through the button 'more information' on the right side.

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We are standby to provide you with support for optimising your procurement processes with help of procurement software.

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Using procurement software is a great step in professionalising procurement. However, optimising software for use within your organisation is key for gaining added value. This can happen in multiple ways, starting with the organisation-specific design for the software to the integration of several software platforms.

Maarten Scholts

Maarten Scholts

Consultant | Qando

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