More and more attention is being paid to the important role Blockchain can play in various sectors within the business. The technology became known as the foundation of the Bitcoin and was quickly seen as a potential disruptor for the financial sector. This is due to the innovative way in which Blockchain decentralises supervision, which can displace an important function of the banks. However, the technology has many more possible applications.

In the basis, the Blockchain is a system with which all kinds of data can be recorded.The unique thing about this system is that it is built so that it is virtually impossible to corrupt the data. Once data is added to the chain, it can no longer be modified and each addition is registered by all computers connected to the Blockchain. The transparent and uncorruptable bookkeeping that can be created in this way ensures that Blockchain also has a lot to offer for buyers.

We argue, however, that the Blockchain is not some kind of miracle to solve all kinds of problems.The technology is not so much intended for internal business operations, but for the interaction between multiple parties. This makes the system ideally for the purchasing area. By reading all the information on the Blockchain, it is very simple to verify who - for example - is the supplier, where the goods you want to buy originate from, whether the supplier really owns these goods and whether the buyer can pay the goods. If this kind of data can be trusted and can be traced and validated very quickly, then you can imagine how this technology can turn the world of purchasing and supply chain management upside down.

A proper functioning of the Blockchain - which must primarily be seen as a "design and organisation principle" - depends on the willingness to design an information architecture with each other that is optimal for the whole: from egosystem to ecosystem. If that works, then blockchain may be a suitable technology for building that architecture. If you cannot make the step towards the ecosystem in your mind, then do not expect miracles from Blockchain.
On March 15th 2018 we organised Qando Food4Thought with theme "Blockchain in procurement" (video in Dutch)

Our activities

Our objective is to explain Blockchain-technology to procurement professionals in an understandable way and offer hands-on guidance in the daily procurement practice and the world of supply chain management. A number of our activities are listed below.

  • Onsite presentation
Awareness of the impact and possibilities of Blockchain-technology for procurement.
  • NEVI-training
This training has been developed for (procurement) professionals who want to know more about the possibilities in the area of Blockchain within procurement for their organisation. More information can be found here - in Dutch. 
  • Workshop
A fascinating one-day workshop in which, according to a well-established program, use cases are being developed and pitched in a team context. The outcome for your organisation is absolutely relevant: which potential use cases are out there for Blockchain? Which use cases have added value? Which use cases are most promising in what situation?
  • Pilot

When the workshop results in one (or more) use cases that are considered to be promising, it is possible to proceed towards a pilot. We will come up with a customised plan of action for this.



To get a clear picture of the possibilities, we have created a reader with the following components:

  • What can I do with Blockchain?
  • Blockchain for procurement
  • Practical examples of the application of Blockchain for procurement

Feel free to request the reader by leaving your details below. We will then send the reader and contact you for a suitable follow-up.

Experiences Qando Food4Thought "Blockchain for procurement" | March 15th 2018

Great combination of networking, food and discussing a present-day topic!

Jeroen Wegkamp

Jeroen Wegkamp

CPO | Dutch Railways

Thanks for the invitation and interesting evening! I met great people and gained sufficient inspiration to start working with Blockchain-technology within procurement!

Bart van den Heuvel

Bart van den Heuvel

Senior Manager Procurement | IFF

Experiences lunch session "Blockchain for procurement" | April 6th 2018

Qando is working pro-actively on identifying opportunities of Blockchain-technology for procurement. They host workshops to inspire procurement professionals about Blockchain-technology and use cases for procurement. Furthermore, they facilitate a brainstorm for identifying a relevant pilot for your company and business partners.

Frank Steller

Frank Steller

Former CPO | Dutch Railways & board NEVI

Interesting session with information about theory and history of Blockchain-technology as well as practical examples for procurement processes.

Derek Hooyman

Derek Hooyman

P2P Project Manager & Advisor

Some of our clients