The impact of Artificial Intelligence on procurement

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new in procurement - think of automatic classification of spend data (since 1998) - Artificial Intelligence will be used more and more within procurement in the coming years. We already see examples of the application of AI at sourcing events, within contractmanagement, during negotiations and when processing invoices.

Thanks to these technological developments, procurement professionals for the first time really notice that their function is going to change. Is this a threat or an opportunity? Does AI ensure that procurement can really play a strategic role in an organisation? Or does AI make contractmanagement superfluous? And can AI make purchasing processes more efficient or effective?

On March 28th 2019 we presented to over 20 procurement professionals at CPO level during Qando Food4Thought what the essence of AI is, what opportunities it has for us as procurement professionals and what impact AI can have on procurement processes and departments. We have elaborated the entire presentation and shared information into a reader. 

Qando Food4Thought 2019


The reader consists of the following chapters: 

  • What is the essence of Artificial Intelligence?
  • Artificial Intelligence for procurement
  • Use cases for procurement
  • Apply AI within your own organisation
Reader aanvragen

AI Explore-session | May 9th 2019 

We are happy to help you to form a good idea of a possible follow-up trajectory and help you in creating support within your organisation. That is why we - Qando and Heroes - invite you and two colleagues for the AI Explore-session on Thursday 9 May at our office in Vught as a follow-up to Qando Food4Thought. 

Based on a problem statement and business case formulated by us, we want to give you insight into how the explore phase will proceed and what insights and benefits the explore phase can deliver. By jointly making the automatic and manual work processes transparant, it can be determined where major improvements can be achieved and how these improvements can contribute to a new future-oriented policy. 

We will prepare a concept business case in advance in which a specific problem is formulated. During the workshop we will jointly investigate whether and how the Virtual Procurement Assistent can be deployed and which insights and benefits this can yield for you. 


Source: Procurious, 2018


This workshop is intended for both Food4Thought-participants as well as for other interested procurement professionals. You may want to get your colleagues equally enthusiastic about the possibilities and application of Artificial Intelligence within your processes! Feel free to invite them to come along. At the end of this session it will be clear what a Virtual Procurement Assistant and an AI-project can mean for your organisation and a simple next step can be initiated for a tailor-made advice. 


Scope Explore

Based on this session, a business case can be drawn up in which the needs and costs of the current working methods are mapped. An AI strategy can then be devised that has a real impact on improving processes and business results, including the benefits and costs of the improved working method.


The program

12.00       : Walk-in and reception with lunch

13.00       : Opening word

13.15       : Introduction concept business case 'the Virtual Procurement Assistant'

13.30       : Workshop

16.00       : End



It is now possible to sign up using the form below. The AI explore-session in Vught is free, we will gladly coordinate any follow-up with you. 

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