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Our approach for IT-procurement is typically known for improvements in the procurement function on both strategic and tactical level. Our goal is to identify as much chances for value creation as we can and make sure to convert this into actual value for the company. It is important to incorporate the realised chances for value creation into the regular procurement function.


Strategic - Identify chances for value creation 

We use our own method for strategic category management. This method is based on IPMA-project management (certified consultants) and comprises an optimal focus on both cost savings and value creation. We address - amongst others - Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and clear communication with business stakeholders.



The development and implementation of a full IT-category strategy 

Based on our strategic category management-method, we are able to assess your entire IT-category in a short period of time. Furthermore, we can develop and implement a revised, optimal strategy for your organisation.  

Globalise and centralise IT-procurement 

Our extensive experience in purchasing IT on behalf of large (corporate) organisations enables us to support your organisational challenges around centralised versus decentralised and global versus local buying.

Cost saving programs

We can develop and run full cost savings programs, with help of our proven methodology.

Improvement projects (organisational- and process improvements)

We have a broad knowledge and hands-on expertise for improving IT-procurement. Our quick scan will provide insight into the procurement maturity and potential for improvement of your procurement function. We share our recommendations with you and are looking forward to support you while implementing the desired changes. 



Make or buy

We often facilitate make-or buy workshops. Previous cases were - amongst others - about a declaration system and specific business applications. 

In- versus outsourcing

We have great experience in the decision-making process for in- and outsourcing IT-projects, including the execution, implementation and change management.  

Program of requirements for IT-sourcing events

When facing challenges in drafting relevant requirements for RfX-events, we are more than happy to support you in working on asking the right questions towards suppliers. We can either use the traditional method or the Best Value-method.  


Tactical - Realise value creation 

When opportunities for value creation are identified, we start working on converting these opportunities into appropriate activities. 



IT-sourcing events

On a daily basis, we are involved in a great number of RfI's, RfP's, RfQ's and auctions at our clients, frequently supported by eSourcing tools like Zycus, Ariba, Bravo. We not only offer IT-knowledge but will guide you through the entire journey of setting up goals, a procurement strategy, the execution and decision-making process. 

Commercial contract negotiations

We are strong in commercial negotiations with both large and small IT-suppliers. We understand supplier license models and make sure to increase and maintain buying power. 

Development of pricing models

We frequently converted supplier offers - based on best practices and commercial offers (RfX-projects) towards pricing models, reflecting the real world. Examples are: a pricing model for preventive and corrective maintenance or a pricing model for purchasing server capacity (storage, speed, capacity).


A basic condition for creating commercially viable agreements as well as managing IT-assets of an organisation, is a far-reaching standardisation of products and services. We list all your products and services currently in use and come up with a plan how to rationalise them.




Contracting and hand-over to contract management

We offer contracting services, as a logical next step when sourcing activities are finalised. We take care of the entire contract negotiation, not only the legal part, and pay attention to: audit, security, service levels, scope, privacy, sustainability and commerce (price indexation, currency volatility, benchmarking). We combined our expertise into our own Qando-checklist for contracting and we make sure to take up our responsibility for bringing all stakeholders together to get the best contract in place.  

Data processor agreements (GDPR)

When the GDPR-legislation came into force in May 2018, we added the drafting and reviewing of data processor agreements to our services. We already revised a great number of contracts on behalf of our clients.



Contract management and vendor management are the most appropriate functions in an organisation for managing the newly created value and realising the benefits in the daily cooperation with suppliers. 

We get the most out of contracts and suppliers by setting up the right governance, a structured way of communication, good performance measurement and we apply our knowledge of contractual obligations in a smart way while managing new developments professionally. 

Our experience and methodology enable us to set up and implement contract management and vendor management at the right level in your organisation. We are also happy to stay involved by offering contract management and vendor management as a service.


Secure value creation

We are convinced that an organisation needs to take up responsibility to secure created values into their processes and reap all the benefits.  

Client case


Aligning IT procurement contracts with the GDPR legislation for an internationally operating construction company in the Netherlands

Our client wanted to optimize its existing IT applications in a very short period of time to comply with the GDPR legislation. We contributed to the ambitions of our client by advising on the correct application of the GDPR, analyzing the need to conclude (new) processing agreements and providing hands-on services to negotiate new processing agreements with suppliers.


Client case


Leading and Global Energy Solutions Company transforms IT-procurement to a centralised and highly digital function

Our client was amid an ambitious full business change program for its procurement, IT and IT-procurement functions; migrating from a highly localized IT-environment to a center led and highly digital future state.

We supported our client’s ambitions by advising on the global IT-category strategy, structure and by providing hands-on sourcing and contracting services.


Case study

Standard software

Buying standard software

e.g. Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP

Two main negotiation drivers are proven to be successful when buying standard software from large software vendors: volumes and timing. A prerequisite is understanding the license models of the software vendors including relevant restrictions. If possible, competition should be introduced before committing to a product or vendor; otherwise buyer power lowers quickly.


Our experience


Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS), Document Management System (DMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Human Resource management (HRM), Workforce Management, Business Intelligence (BI), Web Analytics, E-learning, hospital information systems, back office software, campaign management software, omni channel retail solutions, procurement software.


Data centers, network, firewalls, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), middleware, hosting, fixed telephony, mobile communications, Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), Private Branche Exchange (PBX), cloud storage, bandwidth, data.



Servers, storage, back up, netwerk components, workplaces, smartphones, tablets, security.


Software development, software support, workplace support, contingent workforce, support desk, secondment, projects, workplace management, software asset management, audits.

New technologies

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation.


Are your IT-products or services not listed in this overview? Please let us know; good chance we can still provide valuable support to your company.

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Qando actively supported our business in a crucial transformation process to become a leading service provider in the Manufacturing Services business. Specifically Qando’s in-depth knowledge has delivered our business substantial added value, related to the selection of state of the art Sourcing e-tools as well as a company wide Procurement Savings program.


Gerard Ekhart

Director Sourcing | Sitech Services

Qando provided us with highly skilled procurement and specialist ICT support. Seamlessly they blended in the organization culture, delivered quality results, gave speed to the contracting in ICT and other areas and were a great support to realize some corner stones in the overall procurement transformation.


Harm Veerkamp

Procurement Strategy & Excellence | SHV Energy

I am delighted with the interim support Qando provided and the quality and professionalism of their work (and good humour).

Niall Tallon

Director Procurement NPR/Indirect | CRH

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