Implementation of procurement software

We help our clients with the implementation of the procurement software. We are your knowledge partner with hands-on experience in a substantial amount of procurement platforms. Independently of the chosen software, we can deliver a valuable contribution. Our focus is the adoption by the user. If users embrace the new procurment system and voluntarily implement and use the system, the chance is much greater that the intended goals will actually be achieved. We provide project managers for the implementation project, as well as subject matter experts, for example in the field of P2P, master data or contract management.

Client case

P2P Health care

Implementation of a user-friendly, efficient and digital P2P process in the cloud for a top clinical hospital.

Our client had started a transformation program within the procurement organisation to improve cooperation between procurement, business units and suppliers. Part of this was the professionalization and further automation of the Purchase to Pay process (P2P).

We helped the client with project management, shaping policy agreements, setting up the P2P channel strategy, setting up and implementing master data management, setting up catalogues and supplier onboarding.


A well-prepared implementation is crucial for a high adoption of the selected procurement platform. A poor planning or ongoing scope creep has a strong negative impact on the belief in the potential added value of the platform.

Mark van Lieverloo

Mark van Lieverloo

Managing Partner | Qando

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