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Qando develops Strategic Category Management approach: Category management 2.0

By Jos Doensen on 08-Apr-2019 10:29:37

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Strategic Category Management as a tool or methodology was introduced years ago in Retail and B2C-markets, as a mean to generate more efficiency for a product or in a product group. In Category Management in Retail- and B2C markets, the specialisms purchasing, sales, marketing, store formulas and logistics work together to create ‘winners’ on the store shelves. 

The term ‘Category manager’ instead of ‘Purchaser’ for a product or product group is also emerging in the B2B-markets, with the aim to indicate that a purchaser specializes in a product or product group to contribute to the full extend to company- and procurement goals. The difference with the B2C-markt, however, is that the B2B-category manager will interfere less / not with marketing and sales, because this person usually does not purchase finished products.

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The impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for your contracts

By Jos Doensen on 29-Nov-2017 11:29:00

On 25 May 2018, the current law ‘Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens’ (Wbp) will cease to exist and will be succeeded by the ‘Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming’ (AVG), also known as the ‘General Data Protection Regulation’ (GDPR). 

Some topics regarding protection of personal data will change as will the consequences of law infringement. This blog describes in short the legislation, the consequences of breaking the law and also provides some touchpoints to mitigate risks in contracts.

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