Zycus - Procurement Solution

Qando is the official implementation partner in Europe.

Zycus suite

Zycus has been the world's most trusted leader in spend analysis software for 10+ years and has performed 200+ implementations at Global Top 1000 companies.

Best practices are embedded in the platform functionalities and ensure that procurement teams have access to powerful tooling.

It does not matter what level of procurement maturity your department is in. With this platform you will be able to improve the performance of procurement and your organization continuously.

Key benefits of the software are the ease of use and state-of-the-art technology for which various patents were granted.

Spend Analysis

Modules: iAnalyze, iCost

In these modules, you will use the powerful Autoclass algorithm. Your spend is automatically classified so you can concentrate on generating high value analyses. Based on best practices from the business the platform offers standardized savings tactics to provide you with insight into relevant cost saving opportunities.

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Module: iSource

The module iSource will take care of setting up various sourcing events such as RfIs, RfPs, RfQs and eAuctions. A key benefit is the scalability of this module for both simple and complex categories.

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Contract Management 

Module: iContract

The module will give you access to an intelligent contract database with handy search features, reports and alerts. You will be able to shape your own smart contract creation process and manage each contract stage easily. Internal stakeholders (i.e. legal and approvers) can participate directly in the contract creation process; suppliers will join the process via their own login in the supplier portal.

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Supplier Management

Modules: iSupplier, iPerform

The module iSupplier will help you with onboarding and supplier information management. The module iPerform provides a 360-degree of your suppliers performance.

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Modules: eProcurement, eInvoicing

The module eProcurement provides you with great catalog management and the module eInvoicing will take care of generating PO's and invoicing with three-way matching. 

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Financial Savings Management 

Module: iSave

The module iSave will help you with savings management. This where you will bridge the gap between procurement and finance.

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