Mark van Lieverloo

My name is Mark van Lieverloo and I am Managing Partner at Qando. Together with Achraf Talhaoui, I founded Qando in 2010. I live in Nijmegen with Willemijn (1981) and our son Olivier (2016). 

I have 10+ years of experience as procurement consultant, specialized in (project and IT-) procurement and logistics with a background as business scientist and mechanical engineer. I have a lot of experience with subjects like spend analyses, CAPEX procurement, cost savings programs and procurement professionalisation at a large number of corporate and medium-sized organisations in various industries, such as chemistry, transportation, maintenance, energy, health care and semiconductor industry.

As a professional, I find it particularly important to understand what drives the business and what is important for the business. Only then you will be able to find solutions with the business and suppliers that really add value. You can only achieve this by truly listen to the business, research all input critically and look for solutions in a professional manner.

At Qando I am responsible for finance, IT and HR. Besides working on the growth of Qando, I have set a goal for running. For a number of years I'm into running and in 2016 I ran the Rotterdam Marathon. I would like to do this again but then under the magical limit of 3:00. 


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Mark van Lieverloo
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